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Cigarette Stores

Multiple Retail Locations
Cigarette retail with multiple locations in one state.

Client Needs:

  • Location break-even analysis
  • Identify locations below break-even
  • Increase profits from the millions already earning

Our Approach
Summary & Strategies we implemented

Most systems were in place and operating smoothly; however, there wasn’t a mechanism to identify how well each store location was conducting on a financial basis individually. The company was already financially strong earning a net income of over $3 million per year, but the owners wanted to know if there were ways that they could still improve upon and increase their wealth even further. We came in and conducted a location by location or job costing analysis and identified the best and worst of their stores. Our conclusion came to closing a certain location to increase the overall income of the company. The owners closed it, and within 6 months the revenue jumped by over a million more in net income. This location was costing more than the store itself could bring in.

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