Why Choose Us?

Industry of Service

KRD Tax & Consulting provides financial and consulting services for clients of all sizes in diverse industries including real estate, manufacturing, medical, legal, fine arts, IT and software engineers. We take an integrated approach to client support—not only providing bookkeeping, accounting, and tax preparation but also incorporating efficient systems and tools in those areas. Our clients include individuals, trusts, partnerships, corporations, estates, and not-for- profit organizations.

Eco Friendly

As a dynamic and progressive business, we value the physical environment we share with the citizens of this world. We’ve implemented industry-leading policies related to energy-efficiency and resource utilization to minimize our environmental impact. KRD Tax & Consulting operations are virtually paperless, although exceptions for paper can be made upon request.

Personal Service

Exceptional personal service hinges on client peace of mind and service transparency. We encourage our clients to ask us questions and initiate discussions so they fully understand the work we’re doing on their behalf. And we want to know all about their business models, processes, and goals, so we can provide the most value and deliver the most accurate service.


We prepare business and individual tax returns. Our tax specialty and knowledge strengths are in the areas of real estate partnerships, real estate agents, real estate commercial and residential buildings, real estate management companies, home owner’s associations, law firms, janitorial services, medical practices, and non-profit organizations. Communication is always established in our partnership to ensure our staff has the opportunity to learn about your lives and events that cause taxable transactions. We are able to bundle our tax service pricing with other services we offer as well.

Accounting and bookkeeping services are offered on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. This opportunity allows for business owners to focus on running their business and not the accounting aspects such as bookkeeping and margins. Meetings are held between us to ensure the understanding of the financial health of the company and ways to improve profitability. These services can be price bundled with tax preparation services on a periodical basis. We have been asked upon many occasions to provide bookkeeping services on the behalf of estates and trusts as well.

We can help with special requests such as creating a monthly budget for your business or act as your part-time CFO or controller. Often times clients want to bring in a new service or product and ask us for help with setting up processes or establishing break-even analysis. Even other accounting firms have asked us to show them how to integrate our paperless processes and system software. Our resources are limitless as we are connected to other professionals that specialize in different aspects of business. Consulting includes a broad spectrum of services but does not include portfolio asset management, stock trading, or managing client funds.


Structuring as a corporation has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially the election to be treated as an S Corporation. However, this arrangement may not be optimal for many companies. While it can offer certain tax advantages, if for example, the ultimate objective is to sell the company, this structure may not offer the best tax savings after all.