• How We create Secrets to Success for your Business

    – We Learn your business and get to know your company better –

    – Dig Deep to unearth opportunities for operational improvements –

    – Research, explore solutions, discuss them with you –

    – Implement Solutions and train owners and employees –

    – Develop pricing and estimation models, improve cash flow, and implement IT infrastructure and software –

We Are More Than Accountants

More Business Accounting Solutions

Maximizing Our Business Services

Affordably gain the experience needed to expertly manage your business finances by hiring KRD Tax & Consulting, LLC. Located in Westminster, CO, we supplement many necessary skills without you having to hire a full-time resource for functions that only requires a few hours of a particular expertise.

In addition to offering traditional business accounting services, we can help:

  • Streamline existing bookkeeping processes
  • Uncover operational inefficiencies
  • Free up your time to focus on growing your business
  • Improve your organization’s bottom line
  • Act as a scaleable resource that meets your business needs as they arise.

Whether you choose one or all of our services, you’ll always receive a “whatever it takes” mentality to serve your organization’s success.

The Flexibility For Your Budget

Starting $300
Personal & Business Tax Returns
  • Learning Interview
  • Correct Balance Sheet for Accuracy
  • GAAP Reporting
  • Accrual Reporting
  • Strategic planning for savings
  • Suggestions Regarding Performance
  • Online Access to Documents & Returns
  • Optimizing Tax Deductions
  • Virtual Tax Organizer
  • E-Sign
Starting $500/Month
  • Accounting
  • General Leger Analysis
  • 1-3 Banking Accounts
  • Payroll Support
  • Report Building
  • Business Advisory
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Preparation
Starting $750/month
Accounting/Tax/Basic Advisory
  • Accounting
  • Basic Advisory
  • General Ledger Analysis
  • 4-6 Banking Accounts
  • Payroll Support
  • Report Building
  • Quarterly Financial Consults
  • Software Suggestions
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Preparation
Starting $1500/Month
Holistic Services
  • Business Advisory
  • Accounting
  • General Leger Analysis
  • Payroll Support
  • Financial Analysis - KPI's - Underlying issues
  • Monthly Financial Consults
  • Monthly Operational Consults
  • Operational Procedures
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Preparation
  • Forecasting
  • Operational guidance
  • Software Implementations
  • What Ever It Takes

Richard Garcia

I earned a Master’s Degree in Accounting and then joined a public accounting firm providing tax and consulting support for multiple clients.

I became personally involved in real estate—buying, renting, and selling properties. As an investor and a venture capitalist, I came to better understand and appreciate how taxation and businesses operations worked together in the real world.

My career path was further clarified when I saw how other accounting firms sought to distance their employees from clients and used antiquated processes and systems. By this time, I had developed an approach of always using the best possible practices, processes, systems, and software. I embraced change and progress, unlike many others in the financial accounting and consulting field.

For a while, I could never put my finger on what makes my approach to client service different—to me it seems like common sense. Problems and challenges jump out at me in financial data and in the discovery process with a client. It seems only natural to take the next step—to dive in and try to fix processes that are broken or suboptimal. I’ve been told I don’t think like a CPA, I think like a problem solver.

That’s the holistic approach I take with each of my clients. I want to improve their companies, and when I see opportunities for improvements, I’m prepared to take them through that process.


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My client solution is driven by a unique, strategic-focusing process.
A proven, systematic, and structured method for clients to think, plan, monitor and achieve greater results in their businesses and lives.

Quality Guaranteed

I stand firmly behind all of my work

We’ve carefully grown out firm to go far beyond providing top-quality bookkeeping, accounting, and tax preparation. Those are all important services, and we do them as well as any leader in this field.

Experienced & Knowledgeable

Saving you time and money

But what sets us apart is how we take that information, combine it with our passion for business process innovation, and identify steps to improve each client’s company. You’ll find some stories on our Case Studies about how we’ve done that.

Stress Free

Accounting truly can be this simple

Along the way, we’ve created efficiencies for our clients with customized technology solutions and process improvements. When our clients work with us in this way, we typically save them thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars… as well as hour of time they can invest in productive areas of their companies or devote to personal priorities.

“Few business owners start companies because they want to ‘run something.’ I work with owners to improve processes and implement systems that relieve them of much of the day-to-day ‘running,’ so they can regain the passion they had when they started their companies.”

– Rich Garcia, Managing Partner, KRD Tax & Consulting, LLC