Business Advising:

Nearly every business process and strategic decision has a financial implication affecting efficiencies, performance, and ultimately profitability. Our financial accounting and tax services come with additional perspectives that can add value to nearly every functional area of business operations.

Tax Preparation:

At KRD Tax & Consulting we’re dedicated to preparing thorough, accurate returns for individuals, corporations, partnerships, trusts, and not-for- profit organizations. We invest time,
whatever time is necessary to ensure we completely understand the business owner’s goals and the business model itself so that they don’t overpay or under-report.

Tax Planning/Consulting:

Businesses and the environments in which they operate are in a constant state of change. Often as a company evolves, it can take advantage of new tax strategies and opportunities. At the same time, as new tax laws are enacted and others are revised, these should perhaps trigger changes in the company’s tax practices. We offer strategic tax planning services that comply with and take advantage of all of these opportunities.

Accounting & Bookkeeping:

Whether they’re startups or established enterprises, businesses need thorough, accurate bookkeeping. This in turn drives accounting that is compliant and can provide a company with the true picture of its overall health along with areas of operational concern or opportunity. We work with our clients to generate insightful and actionable reports and metrics.