“When we first met with Rich, he asked us which bookkeeping method we were using. He instantly saw that we would be able to use QuickBooks software so we could do what our previous accountant had been doing himself. Rich took the time to help us learn the process at a substantial savings to our company. Also during our first meeting, as we went over some of the financial records, Rich informed us of some areas where our previous accountant had been pushing the limits. Rich has strong values and was up front with us in that he would not tolerate deviations from tax law. We appreciated his stand and are grateful we can trust him to keep us within safe limits. After a meeting with Rich, our financial planner, and ourselves, we received a phone call from our financial planner who told us how impressed he was with Rich and his knowledge of areas outside his realm. As he would try to explain an investment option, Rich already knew exactly what he was talking about. Steve told us we had a golden investment and to hold onto Rich no matter what!”