You are awesome & totally saved us!! This is the first year since we started our small business in 2009 that I actually feel like we have all our basis covered & are a 100% compliant with all State & Federal laws & it’s all because of you! On top of that you totally fixed all mine & old accountants blunders, we were three years behind & you caught us up in near months all the while explaining to me how I should be doing things step by step in english. I can sleep at night knowing we are safe & in complete compliance. Your always available by phone or email with a simple resolution to every problem I’ve thrown your way. Your also the most flexible person I’ve ever met!! We can go over things via phone chat or face to face. I loved that I could email you all our info & got two years of taxes complete without leaving my house!! Your the most knowledgeable, pleasant, flexible, professional person I have ever worked with!!! It’s great to know that I have someone like you on our side to literally save the day! The best part is that you’ll either do it all for me if I ask or your’ll teach me how so that I can save money in the long run.