life isn't free

It’s fascinating to us all to look at why people make the choices they do with the money they have. While most of us have many common expenses, there are certain life points that may change our experience. The average American family earned $53,567 last year. Whether you are above or below that mark, a budget and partner in fiscal responsibility can help you plan for unseen bills and prepare for retirement.

Here are some statistics you may find interesting:


*The average American spends almost $10,000 on transportation annually

*Entertainment spend is typically more than clothing…and pension contributions!

*It’s estimated that some 76% of Americans don’t save, and are living paycheck to paycheck.

Your food, housing, entertainment and transportation costs may give you wiggle room that will help you begin to change the pattern you feel stuck in. In our case, finding ways to make you feel better than the average is what we strive for! Contact Rich and learn more about taxes, expenses, and how to finally learn to conquer your finances.

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