Richard GarciaTax Accountant - Westminster, Broomfield, Boulder - Colorado

Since I was 16 years old, I was an entrepreneur and I knew that one day I’d be in business for

The first summer after graduating high school, I started a lawn care business. The first and
second years were very successful, with earnings exceeding $30k. This success inspired me to
obtain a business degree and learn more about business in general.

While earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Northern Arizona University, I worked part
time as a computer network administrator and web developer. I had a knack and a passion for
IT, and fortunately the Finance program at Northern Arizona emphasized the use of advanced
software as well. So, between my studies and my job, I was immersed in IT and this experience
framed my ultimate analytic approach to business data and work processes.

Upon graduation, I moved into a career as a financial analyst for a large company and later
served as a portfolio manager. But I quickly came to realize that these types of entry level
positions were not terribly financially or professionally rewarding. Since I wanted a career with
more of an analytical focus, I went back to school to earn a Master’s Degree in Accounting and
then joined a public accounting firm providing tax and consulting support for multiple clients.

At the same time, I became personally heavily involved in real estate—buying, renting, and
selling properties. As an investor and a venture capitalist, I came to better understand and
appreciate how taxation and businesses operations worked together in the real world.

My future path was further clarified when I saw how other accounting firms sought to distance
their employees from clients, while using antiquated processes and systems. Thanks to my
college training and work experience, I had developed an approach of always using best

practices, processes, systems, and software. I embraced change and progress, unlike many
others in the financial accounting and consulting field.

That’s the holistic approach I take with each of my clients today. It’s not enough to simply keep
a clean set of books and deliver compliant accounting and tax returns. I want to improve their
company and when I see opportunities for these improvements, I’m prepared to take them
through that process.